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The 3D service is specially provided by us to provide life to your 2D ideas. We draft, extrude and render it for a realistic  It is meant for individuals and/ or developers. It includes the following and can be customized as per your needs! 



  1. Exterior 3D views of the building/ campus
  2. Exterior 3D views of other spaces- terraces, open landscape areas, etc.


  1. Interior views of different spaces with various design elements 

What we need to develop 3D views

  1. Floorplans , elevation and sections (if available)


The above list is a basic standard list that is applicable in most cases. This is completely customizable based on individual’s requirements. If you have only have ideas and excited to see it in 3D, take a look at our Design+ service.

Turn Around Time

Typically 10 days for a 900- 1000 sq.ft space after sharing drawings.  Varies based on project size, client requirements, attention to detail required & payment schedules.