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The Landscape+ service is all about creating  outdoor living and garden pockets in your building and surrounding spaces. It can be both indoor and/ or outdoor garden spaces, balcony garden, terrace garden , front yard/ Backyard/ courtyard design. It includes services like landscape designing, planting palatte and lighting design details. It is meant for individuals and/ or developers. It includes the following and can be customized as per your needs! 


  1. 2D drawings
  2. 3D models
  3. Planting plans (based on native & adaptive species)
  4. Lighting plans
  5. Aesthetic landscape elements (like water bodies, gazebo, pebbled pathways etc.)
  6. Site Drainage and co-ordination


  1. Execution of designed elements


The above list is a basic standard list that is applicable in most cases. This is completely customizable based on individual’s requirements. 

Turn Around Time

Varies based on project size, client requirements, site conditions & payment schedules. Multiple progress meetings will be held during the design and construction phases.