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The Design+ service is basically design requirements for building plan/ layout/ floor plan and interior design. It includes the following and can be customized as per your needs! 


  1. 2D Drawings- Plans, Sections, Elevations
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Designing for natural ventilation and daylight

Interior Design:

  1. 2D Drawings- Plans & Elevations (as needed)
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Furniture/ product design (as needed)
  4. Guidance on selection of materials/ laminates/ color-guidance etc 
  5. Guidance on fabric selection (for curtains, upholstery etc) based on specific themes


The above list is a basic standard list that is applicable in most cases. This is completely customizable based on individual’s requirements. 

Turn Around Time

Varies based on project size, client requirements, site conditions & payment schedules. 3-5 progress meetings will be held during the design phase and timelines can vary based on feedback/ progress during these progress meetings.