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The D+C service is basically designing and construction requirements for individuals and/ or developers. It includes the following and can be customized as per your needs! 

Architectural Design:

  1. 2D Drawings- Plans, Sections, Elevations
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Designing for natural ventilation and daylight

Interior Design:

  1. 2D Drawings- Plans & Elevations (as needed)
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Furniture/ product design (as needed)
  4. Guidance on selection of materials/ laminates/ color-guidance etc 
  5. Guidance on fabric selection (for curtains, upholstery etc) based on specific themes


  1. Construction
  2. Procurement of building approval
  3. Procurement of completion certificate


The above list is a basic standard list that is applicable in most cases. This is completely customizable based on individual’s requirements. 

Turn Around Time

Varies based on project size, client requirements, site conditions & payment schedules. Multiple progress meetings will be held during the design and construction phases.