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The Reno+ is a basic renovation service. It includes the following and can be customized as per your needs! 

  1. Painting of walls- basic colors
  2. Wallpapers 
  3. Floor Polishing 
  4. Replacing (or installing new) laminates
  5. Waterproofing/ weatherproofing
  6. Miscellaneous minor requirements (like guidance on fabric for curtains & upholstery; redoing damaged tiles & laminates; minor renovation like bath areas & utility spaces etc.)


The above list is a basic standard list that is applicable in most cases. This is completely customizable based on individual’s requirements. Our workers are flexible to accommodate with existing furniture and occupants if they cannot be moved to another suitable location (That’s the best part!)

Turn Around Time

Typically 40 days for a 900- 1000 sq.ft space post finalization of requirements. Varies based on requirements, site conditions & payment schedules. Timelines can vary for Reno+ and Reno++ services mainly based on site conditions due to occupants & existing furniture.